Training booklet in social animation

Animation sociale“ (FR), “animación social“ (SP), “animazione sociale“ (IT) is a new term that has become part of everyday professional language as evidenced by articles in “animation“ and social work journals.
This document introduces the first proposal for implementing a training content on the topic of social animation with a minimum duration of 150 hours and a module-based format designed to meet the needs of each sector.

This training booklet offers a transversal approach to social animation as an element of institutional therapy and no longer as a mere occupational activity in the care and support practices for elderly and/or disabled people.
This modularised training content can be used in introductory training processes offered by universities and training institutions as well as by institutions providing ongoing training for practising professionals.

The initial training programme has been modified to take into account the feedback received by each member of the Pedagogues’ group in their local technical committees. All feedback was pooled by the Pedagogues’ group and by the representatives of the group working on intellectual production No.3 over a gathering and a Skype meeting. The following proposal was born from the pooling and co-construction both in the Technical Committees and in the Pedagogues’ group.
The process that led to the creation of this initial model involved several participatory phases, with several meetings in person and via Skype.

The diagram on the next page describes the process.
The Pedagogues’ group then developed a common framework of pedagogical and methodological references that forms the basis of the proposed training programme.

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA