Technical Guide to Social Animation

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The European project SALTO – Social Action for Life quality training and Tools – is based on the essential adaptation of social and healthcare workers for the care and support of elderly and/or disabled people, and in particular those with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism Spectrum Disorders or psychiatric disorders. The project as a whole reflects a real desire to promote both the culture of social animation and non-drug support techniques by positioning them as decisive elements for the quality of life of dependent or disabled people. To achieve this, the SALTO project focuses on the development of tools that combine professional practices, theoretical contributions and the promotion of innovative experiences. The work carried out made it possible to: provide all key sector professionals with an inventory of practices in all participating countries; create a seven module training course in Social Animation and, finally; put together this practical guide aimed at highlighting the most noteworthy experiences, concepts, techniques and actions. This « Technical guide for social animation » will naturally complement the previously imparted training. It is, however, intended to be accessible to all. Led by ETCHARRY, a social work training organisation involved at the heart of professional networks in the Pyrénées Atlantiques and Landes (France), the SALTO project combines:

− CAMINANTE, an association managing various health and social facilities in this same region (France);

− L’AAPAVA, which manages two facilities for the elderly in the Basque Country (France);

− CEFAL, a vocational training organisation based in Bologna (Italy); − The Department of Education Studies of the University of Bologna (Italy);

− C’ENTRO, an organisation that coordinates a number of social organisations in Veneto (Italy);

− The MATIA Foundation, with its social science research laboratory, which has developed its own model of care and support (Spain); − The CIFP Innovación Social, specialising in social animation training (Spain);

− VILA MARIA, a social care home for adults with psychiatric disorders in Pula (Croatia);

− DIOPTER, a vocational training organisation in Pula (Croatia).