The Project

Social Action to improve life quality
of the elderly people and persons with disabilities
Salto Project / The Project

The European SALTO project – Social Action for Life quality training and Tools – is based on the necessary adaptation of the social and healthcare workers for the care and the support of the elderly people and persons with disabilities, and in particular for those affected by the Alzheimer’s disease or presenting Autism or psychiatric disorders.

The SALTO project aims at generating solutions to the psychosocial needs of these public to complement cares and treatments. It pretends to make the social action as lever of the improvement of their life quality, with a multidisciplinary and therapeutic approach enabling the development and the preservation of the physical, psychological, cognitive and social skills.

To improve life quality of the elderly people and persons with disabilities through:

  • The promotion of care and support alternative approaches
  • The integration of social action in a therapeutic dimension
  • The development of the physical, psychological, cognitive and social skills

A research-action project led jointly by training centers and medical and social professionals, and based on field experiments as source of engineering and innovation.

A participative project including the actors of territories, public authorities and medical and social centers, to bring solutions adapted to the needs of the professionals and users, according of the public policies.

A project based on euroregional dynamics:

  • Nouvelle Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion with partners from Gipuzkoa (Spain), Landes and Pyrénées Atlantiques (France)
  • Adriatic Euroregion with partners of Istria (Croatia), Emilia Romagna and Venetia (Italy)

An Assessment of good practices of trainings and experiences about social action at local and European level.

A syllabus of social action modularized training for medical and social professionals, promoting a multidisciplinary approach and the social action as a alternative institutional therapy element.

A social action handbook for medical and social professionals, with social action techniques and activities.

4 Countries
France, Spain, Italy and Croatia

2 Euroregions
Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Euskadi and Adriatic

10 Partners
4 medical and social training centers
1 university
2 ederly people services and centres organizations
3 persons with disabilities services and centres organizations

Social Action includes actions, projects and activities aiming at the development of the physical, cognitive, psychological and social skills of the people towards a greater autonomy and strengthened social relationships.

Life Quality gets on as the feeling to be well, which according to, the World Health Organization, includes the physical health of the person, her psychological state, her level of autonomy, her social relationships, her personal faiths and her relation with the specificities of her environment.

October 2016 – April 2017: Assessment of good practices
May 2017 – July 2019: Training
March 2018 – December 2018: Test of the training
May 2017 – December 2018: Handbook